Floorservice Overmat Trend Report Color Hardwasolie 2K

Overmat stands for quality in treatment, finishing and maintenance of flooring. But we’ll take it to the next step! This year, we hope to inspire you, on a monthly basis, with trends on interior design and colour(-usage). Stylist Ms. Marloes Wolfs provides us with an inside view in her discipline and shows us how the Floorservice products can be integrated in these trends.

A new year, a new colour!

In these trend reports, colour is an important topic. Nothing as versatile and widely applicable as colour! In order to provide direction within the trends, the Dutch paint-manufacturer “Flexa” (Axzo Nobel) always chooses a “colour of the year”. This year the colour of choice is “Heart Wood”.

“We have chosen this colour in order to let you get back in touch with the calming and serenity of nature’s naturel colours”. Heart Wood provides different effects in various combinations and depending on light influences. This allows the colour to range from pink, to beige or even lilac.


Floorservice Overmat Trend Report Overmat Trend Report Floorservice
  Source: Ferm Living

Natural colours and earth-tones

An important base of these colours, and some of the striking trends for 2018, is their link to nature. Warm earth-tones like clay and aubergine match perfectly to Heart Wood. Brown-tones will also reappear more often and fit perfectly in this colour-pallet.

Various colour-ranges, perfectly fitting to the Heart-Wood trend, are to be found within the Floorservice assortment. Think of our wide range of brown-tones and greyish tones with a slight hint of purple.

For a deep and warm brown tone you might want to choose a thermo-treated ash-wood. By covering this with the Floorservice Color hardwax-oil Profiline – Tanami ( with its distinct metallic look) and an end-sheen of Floorservice hardwax-oil Classic – Glossy, you’ll create an extra shiny metallic look with lots of depth plus vivid colour. A very special and catchy effect guaranteed!

Is your treatment of choice a combination of our Prime Stain colour – Wyoming (on oak), with a finish of Hardwax-oil FF matte, you will create a very soft earth-like colour. The undertone of the Hearth-Wood colour fits perfectly to the naturel but lightly greyish wood-tone created. It even brings-out a slight “old-pinkish” tone which goes very well with the pink/purple glow in de paint-tone.

Overmat Trend Report Floorservice

Thermal Ash +
Floorservice Tanami Profiline +
Floorservice Hardwax-oil Classic Glossy

Floorservice Prime Stain Wyoming +
Floorservice Hardwax-oil FF Matte

Practical colours and practical gains!

Whereas the choice for a deep brown tone combined with Heart Wood creates a rich and saturated finish, the combination of Prime Stain Wyoming and hardwax-oil FF matte makes for a lighter experince; emphasising the purple undertone of the Heart Wood. By choosing hardwax-oil FF you’ll profit from its versatile application possibilities. This oil is suitable as a finish on various substrates with ditto primer-options. Hardwax-oil FF comes in the following versions: Satin, Matte and Ultra-Matte.






Overmat is synonymous for quality with regard to treatment, finishing and maintenance of floors. We gladly take things a step further! Over the coming year we hope to inspire you often with interior design and color use trends. Stylist Marloes Wolfs will be giving us a glimpse into her field of expertise and will show us how the Floorservice products can be used within these trends.

Color with a statement!

Over the past years we’ve seen many variations on soft, graying, and light shades. Think of the trends with pastels and the many varieties of white and gray. Safe and “cheerful” colors in a perhaps insecure time thanks to social and economic influences. The fact that the economy is recovering can also be seen in the use of colors. We (are allowed to) choose color, and in doing so make a statement. We, in 2018, don’t recoil from deep, vibrant, warm, and perhaps a bit daring colors in our home décor.

   Source: TAS - The Art of Styling

Ode to nature

Nature has always played a role in interior design trends. More than ever, in the year to come, we will be showing the strength of colors nature has given us. Mainly the use of earth tones can be seen, from shades of deep red terra colors to cacao brown. Also, the popularity of natural stone and marble(look) show the appreciation for natural products.

Floorservice took notice of these trends and developed finishes that match perfectly with these colors and materials. Floorservice chose a warm terra wall color for one of the displays at the last  Domotex stand. The various samples wood and slate/stone incorporated in this presentation are in harmony with the warm glow of terra, without making the whole too overbearing.



Overmat Trend Report Floorservice
Floorservice Prime Stain Wyoming +
Floorservice Hardwax-oil FF Matt
Various Floorservice finishes

The Prime Stain Montana (with semi-transparent effect) and the subtle reactive stain Prime Weathered Grey 170612A were used as base finish on the oak panels in this presentation. The matte final finish accentuates the natural look of the wood and ensuring a beautiful match with the matte look of the wall paint and the natural trend.

The craft in the spotlights

Where production speed and yield are important pillars of the industry, we now also see a counter reaction through a revival of the craft. The consumer chooses a product with a story. Old techniques are being applied again, handicraft and imperfections are of considerable added value and the origins of the product plays an important role in the purchasing process.

Manual treatment of materials such as braiding, knotting, gouging/chiseling, grinding, etc. can be seen more often in home décor products. The most beautiful creations are achieved by experimenting with craft techniques when treating wood. Floorservice gladly plays into this trend by looking into the best combination of treatment and finishing for various wood types.


Overmat Trend Report Floorservice
 Source: H&M Home Source: unknown

The Essen thermal treatment develops a deep dark wood tone. The relief is developed in the wood through a mechanical treatment and gives the wood a special appearance! And thanks to the very durable matte finish with Floorservice Hardwax-oil 2K Naturio, the wood is also perfectly protected against moisture!

Overmat Trend Report Floorservice
 Floorservice Hardwax-oil 2K en
Color Hardwax-oil 2K
Floorservice Prime Weathered Grey