PVC floors are becoming more and more a trend when it comes to floor covering. These type of floors are very popular because of the easy maintenance, a wide range of colours and paterns and a high level of durability. That's why within the Floorservice product range you can find three new maintenance and cleaning products for PVC floors as well.                      

PVC Cleaner
Floorservice PVC Cleaner can be used for daily and periodical cleaning of PVC, Linoleum and Marmoleum floors. Stubborn dirt can be removed easily, while the original colour and appearance of the floor is being protected. To clean the floor, the friendly scented PVC Cleaner should be mixed with warm water and applied with a well squeezed mop.

PVC Polish
PVC, Linoleum and Marmoleum floors can be perfectly maintained and protected with Floorservice PVC Polish. For floors with intensive use PVC Polish can be applied evenly and undiluted. For floors with normal use the Polish can be applied in a diluted concentration. The applied protective layer is very durable.


PVC Polish Remover
This PVC Polish Remover removes old layers of Floorservice PVC Polish, or other water based maintenance products. Apply the undiluted PVC Polish Remover generously with a clean cloth. Let it soak for a while and remove the product with a clean moist cloth in a rubbing way. Finally mop the floor with lukewarm water to remove some last spots of PVC Polish Remover.

Floorboy XL 300
For removing Polish on large areas the Floorboy Xl300 is a very capable and handy machine. The colour and structure of the floor won’t be affected. After a drying time of at least two hours the floor can be treated with Floorservice PVC Polish.