How do I apply Floorservice Maintenance Oil? What can I do wiht the versatile Woodboy by Overmat? And how does Prime Old Grey work? These are all questions that can be answered in the latest Overmat and Floorservice instruction videos.

Video instructions are often a whole lot clearer that instructions on paper. That's why Overmat created eight instruction videos for various Floorservice products and Overmat Machines. These films provide a clear and concise explanation of the application and operation of the products and machines.

Think for instance of applying Prime Old Grey on Oak or the many possibilities of our Airtec ES 200 milling machine. With these videos, the user of these products are informed about the assembly of the machines, available accessories and applications for machines and the correct application of various Floorservice products.





The following videos are available:

Floorservice Products

Overmat Machines

TIP: An overview of all videos can be found on our Vimeo-account. From this website you can also integrate the videos into your own website.