For more than 40 years Overmat is the specialist when it comes to treatment, finishing, maintenance and cleaning of hard floors. Our special product range is the Floorservice Hardwax-oil for manual, professional and industrial finishes for wooden floors. And of course al the complementary maintenance and cleaning products. 

Around this wide range of products we've build up a selection of machines. Including all necessary accessoires. At Overmat you can find the brands  Woodboy®, HTC, Airtec and National Flooring Equipment. And products like concrete scarifyers, concrete and natural stone grinders, Twister pads and many other floor maintenance machines. 


When purchasing our machines of products you benefit from our many years of experience and know-how. The Overmat products are characteristic for their perfect price-quality scale, safety, environmental responsibility and lifetime. 

Would you like to receive more information about our products? Please contact us by E-Mail of telephone +31 (0) 416 317788.