Alongside our range of Floorservice UV oils, we added a range of LED oils to our collection. This VOC-free finishing is fully cured by use of LED-light, making the floorboards instantly stackable, packable and, if required, ready for follow up treatments like sanding or brushing. This makes it perfectly suited for automated production lines within the flooring industry. Not only do you profit from the increased speed in production; the costs of production and maintenance of your application line are also decreased by using LED technology.

Floorservice LED oil is also suited for manual application. The oil is developed to be cured directly on the installed floor by use of a mobile LED light. The floor is ready for use immediately after curing.

The floor is guaranteed to be hardwearing , resistant to scratches, water and household chemicals.

Floorservice LED oil is suited for industrial and manual application.

Depending on floor preparation: approx. 20gr/m2

Available in 1 KG and 5 KG tins.

Maintenance and cleaning
Floors finished with Floorservice LED oil are easily maintained by use of Floorservice Maintenance Oil. For cleaning use Floorservice Parquet Cleaner.

Available in our standard range of colours; allowing a broad spectrum of finishes.

Tailor-made collection
One of Overmat’s specialties: The possibility to, together with you, create your personal bespoke collection! Are you interested in Floorservice LED oils but would you rather decide on the colours yourself? It’s possible! We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your own bespoke collection.