Profiline UV-oil

This new VOC-free finishing product from Floorservice is fully cured directly after exposure to UV-lamps and therefore immediately stackable, packable and sandable. These features make it highly suitable for fully automated production lines.

All flooring finished with Floorservice Profiline UV-oil ensures a high resistance against wear-and-tear, scratching and moisture influences. The floor is also resistant to saliva and sweat, and meets all the demands of children’s toys. The cured surface is free off VOC-emissions and therefore safe for operators and environment.

Benefits Floorservice Profiline UV-oil:

  • Characteristic natural look of the oiled surface;
  • Obtainable with a matte or silk gloss appearance;
  • Standard available in a wide range of colours, in consultation we develop a customized colour collection;
  • Fast industrial curing possibilities is available when combined with all regular UV drying tunnels;
  • High production rate;
  • The same cleaning and maintenance as for oxidative drying oils with Floorservice Parquet Cleaner and Floorservice Maintenance Oil;
  • The fully dried surface is free of rest emissions of organic solvents and physiologic completely safe;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Excellent protection against discolouration;
  • To be combined with our Floorservice primer products.