Overmat offers an extensive range of machinery and accesories for floor treatment. These products perfectly combine with our Floorservice products.

Woodboy and Floorboy Machines

For every type of application and for every type of user, Overmat offers the machine that fits your requirements. Looking for a single-disc machine? We offer a wide variety. For example the user-friendly Floorboy with its excentric movements. Or the multi-usage Woodboy®!

Three-disc Machines

A three-disc machine offers a stable platform and therefore smooth sanding results. All with an easy-to-use machine. Next to its capabilities for sanding your wooden flooring, it can be used for floor preparation as well.


Need to sand those difficult to reach spots? An edge-grinder offers the solution. Perfect for sanding alongside skirting and underneath radiators. Where the standard is not an option, we offer you the specialties to get the job done.

Drum sanders

The Overmat belt sanders offer a high output. This is ensured by its powerful engine and robust construction. They are the ideal machines for professional sanding of parquet and plank-flooring.


When sanding, a good vacuumer is a must! Besides protection against the negative effects of dust on your health, it also ensures a clean working environment. Working dust-free is a must in todays standards!

Repex Machine

You will find a suitable machine for every application and user at Overmat Industries.
Are you looking for a sanding machine that can be used multifunctionally? Then you are in good hands with the Repex 4D Sander.