Nature Protect 2K

This new finish within the Floorservice range will allow for the wood to maintain its natural colour and look. You will create an unfinished look without the normal building of layers on the wood surface.

You do however benefit from the high grade of protection known from the Floorservice products. Nature Protect also protects the wood from yellowish discoloration.

To maintain the floor finished with Nature Protect, we recommend Nature Care.


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Floorservice Nature Protect 2K for a natural look – also available for use with a spray machine

Floorservice Nature Protect 2K is now also available in a sprayable form. This specially developed varnish has a low viscosity, which means it can be used with most spray machines whilst retaining all the excellent properties we are used to from Floorservice Nature Protect 2K.

Test results show that Nature Protect 2K works exceptionally well in different types of spray machines and gives immaculate results. Nature Protect 2K is really easy to apply with a spray machine to obtain the optimal coating thickness. Two to three coats are needed to obtain a completely natural, untreated look.

Floorservice Nature Protect 2K is a finishing product that protects the natural colour and grain of wood to create an untreated effect without visible layering.


Additional product information available in the attached documents.