HTC 2500 iXT

The top-of-the-range within the HTC series is the HTC 2500 iXT. The grinding setup is a combination of three grinding units of 15kW each. The operational width is 2,4 meters. Its the perfect machine for those jobs demanding quick yet perfectly smooth finishes.

Despite its size, the HTC 2500 iXT is easy to manoeuvre. The driver-cabin, equiped with easy-operation touch-screen setup, offers a perfect view on the job in progress.The integrated vacuum-system ensures a healty working-environment. The diesel-engined powersupply is equiped with a particle-filter ensuring save use indoors.

The Mist Cooler System enhances the efficiency. By spraying a fine mist on the surface, the diamants are cooled and grinding of hard surfaces becomes more easy. The machine perfectly fits the HTC Superfloor concept.

  • Motor: 3 x 15kW
  • Voltage: 400V, 63A (max.)
  • Weight: 530kg

Additional product information is available in the attached documents.