Robot 327

Robot 327 is fully automated via the Conjet ONE control system. The robot has been developed to work in confined spaces and areas. It passes easily through an opening less than 0,9m (3ft) wide and has a weight off less than 1 metric tonne.

The Robot 327 is highly customizable. The different variations of tools and arms can be combined to match your project’s needs. Apart from the arm and tool configurations, the high pressure lance of Robot 327 can be equipped with either a single nozzle or a double nozzle assembly. The robot can also be equipped with a winch, for working in slopes. Furthermore, a ship cleaning and paint removal head can be selected.

Optimal for:

  • confined spaces:
  • Parking decks
  • Narrow tunnels
  • Pipes

What is Hydrodemolition?
The Conjet ACR™ robots work based on hydrodemolition. Hydrodemolition technology removes concrete using water pressure of up to 3000 bar, for long-lasting, high quality repairs. It creates no micro-cracks and leaves an ideal bonding surface for the fresh concrete.

Additional information is available in the attached documents.