Robot 557

The track-driven Robot 557 is equipped with a multipurpose arm allowing maximum flexibility. Together with an adjustable chassis, the robot is a versatile and compact solution with great reach and stability. 

Stability is key to secure full safety when operating an ACR™ robot. That is why the Robot 557 has been designed with the ability to extend the tracks, as well as sliding the main body – both to shift the robot’s center of gravity. 

With the accessory “tower kit” the robot’s reach can be further extended, which makes it optimal for use on high pillars and walls. 

Optimal for:

  • Parking decks
  • Bridges Tunnels
  • High walls
  • Quays and docks

See what ACR™ - Automated Concrete Removal Robot 557 using Hydrodemolition Technology from Conjet AB can do.


What is Hydrodemolition?
The Conjet ACR™ robots work based on hydrodemolition. Hydrodemolition technology removes concrete using water pressure of up to 3000 bar, for long-lasting, high quality repairs. It creates no micro-cracks and leaves an ideal bonding surface for the fresh concrete.

Additional information is available in the attached documents.