HTC’s series of metal-bond diamond tools for grinding concrete have been given a thorough update. Four new series of tools, covering all types of concrete grades, makes your choice of tool easier when you’re grinding concrete floors.

The diamond segments have been given a uniform design within each series and a new, thoroughly tested composition increases the removal rate during grinding by up to 35% and the life length up to 45%.* The new tool series has the names S, M, H and X, where the names are intended to indicate the type of concrete for which they are best suited. From soft to the hardest concrete. (S = “Soft”, M = “Medium”, H = “Hard” and X = “Xtremely hard”). The areas of use for the tool series overlap, which makes the choice of tool easier and simplifies the process for achieving the desired grinding result.

The SMHX tool will replace HTC’s tools in the C, CA, SF and CX series.

Additional product information is available in the attached documents.