HTC Big Block Xtreme

Big Block Xtreme is a continuation of the BB series. Thanks to advanced composite and diamond technology, it is possible, in many cases, to replace completely the use of metal tools. It also makes the completely dry polishing of marble, terrazzo and limestone possible, without water.

Thanks to the resulting uniform scratch pattern, the BBX 2 can also be used to simplify the changeover from metal tools to plastic tools.

A major advantage with Big Block Xtreme is the fine scratch pattern the tool leaves on the floor. The unique composite structure makes it possible to use coarse diamonds in a composite tool for the first time.

The advantages of Big Block Xtreme

  • Unique technology enabling the use of coarse diamonds in a composite diamond tool
  • Gentler grinding
  • Greater efficiency
  • More uniform scratch pattern
  • Faster grinding process
  • Can be used with advantage as the first step on marble, terrazzo and limestone as well as on hard concrete.

Additional product information is available in the attached documents.