OBTEGO provides high-quality, wet-chemical surface protection solutions for for mineral substrates, in particular cementitious surfaces (concrete, screed, terrazzo, levelling compounds etc.).
If you are looking for solutions for protecting your flooring against general grime and stains, for example, or if you wish to give your surfaces a high-quality, permanent shine, then Overmat Industries has the right products for you in its range!

Special sealing

OBTEGO R-Series products are first-rate impregnating sealers for protecting cementitious surfaces. Different special sealers can be used depending on the type of flooring and surface processing. A low-cost variant is available as well as our high-end protection.

The OBTEGO special sealers have been successfully used around the world for many years, mainly in industrial environments, but also in logistics areas, warehouses, shopping centres, museums and much more. OBTEGO AG uses high quality raw materials and a high content of active agents in its products, giving OBTEGO products superior properties such as high coverage.