Theo Megens 25 years with Overmat

On September 1, 2020, our colleague Theo Megens was employed at Overmat for 25 years. To put him in the spotlight, Jos Krijnen from Parketplein interviewed Theo:

This year Theo Megens celebrates his 25th anniversary at Overmat Industries BV. Due to the pandemic times we are in now, the 25th anniversary has not yet been concretely celebrated. "That will come when it's all a bit quieter. Although, quieter... We recently took stock and noticed that despite this special period we are running surprisingly well." Theo came to Overmat 25 years ago through a job advertisement. "In the beginning I was involved with rental systems, including the Woodboy. I visited hardware stores, rental companies, parquet stores. From 1998 we started to focus more and more on the professional with Floorservice. My area grew in size. The subfloor also became more important, as a result of which sanding and milling machines gained in importance. The area eventually grew into the Benelux. My business card has remained the same in all that time. Just Overmat with my name. I represent the company in the broadest sense of the word."

Has much changed in the 25 years that Megens has worked for Overmat? "It's all a bit more business-like these days. You make a specific appointment, and it all has to be done faster. People used to take their time, it was more about fun. It's more professional now, but sometimes a bit more distant. But you still come in contact with many people and Overmat has a wide and diverse range. That makes the work very varied, challenging and fun."

"Another 25 years of this work," laughs Theo Megens when we ask him how he sees his future. "Overmat is a fun, medium-sized, flexible and distinctive family business. I can see myself doing this for a number of years to come."

(Parketplein, 03-07-2020)

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