Forty years of Overmat Industries

In honor of the fortieth anniversary of Overmat Industries, Jos Krijnen (Parketplein) paid us a visit and wrote a nice article about the past forty years:

Overmat Industries BV in Waspik celebrates its fortieth anniversary this year. "On May 1, on Labor Day to be precise," says Jeroen van Oversteeg, who took over the company from his father in 2010. "Because of all the measures surrounding corona, it is still difficult to say how we will add some luster. But of course people can expect something from us."

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Jeroen van Oversteeg: "The customers and the staff are the important pillars of the company."

Overmat's employees are distinguished by their long service. "That's right. We have a lot of staff who have been with us for a long time. I consider that a great compliment. For customers, this also gives a lot of security and reliability. People see the same faces and know where they stand, which creates trust. We have a nice and cozy team. Together we want to create something beautiful. If it goes well with me, it goes well with the staff too."

Forty years ago, Overmat started with the Woodboy machine and a jar of lacquer as a do-it-yourself system. The rental systems, including the Woodboy, were installed with great success at hardware stores, rental companies and parquet stores. Van Oversteeg: "Around 1999, we started to focus more and more on the professional with Floorservice. From that moment on, we mainly supplied quality products in the field of finishing to parquet wholesalers and parquet factories. But the subfloor also became more important, which meant that sanding and milling machines gained interest - and grew into a fully-fledged second branch within the company. We are not only successful with our formula within the Netherlands, but we have a still growing export, also in times of corona, and supply to various countries in Europe, America, but also to China."

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"We can switch quickly and develop all products in-house," says Van Oversteeg.

Overmat is a fun, medium-sized, flexible and distinctive family business. This flexibility makes it possible to respond quickly to changing market conditions. "We can switch quickly and develop all products in-house. We have direct lines, we keep stock and can provide our customers with the desired item at any time." That this is highly appreciated is also evident from the loyal clientele of the company. "Some of our customers have been doing business with us for forty years. We will certainly involve our customers in the anniversary. And of course something will be done for the staff. The customers and the staff are the important pillars of the company. Without them we would never have come this far in those forty years," concludes Jeroen van Oversteeg.

(Parketplein, 10-02-2021)

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