Prime Stain

Floorservice yet again introduces an extension to its Prime Design Line product range: Prime Stains!

These Prime Stains allow for new and surprising finishing effects on your wooden flooring. The Prime Stains are suitable for mechanical application by either spray- or roller-coater. The result is an endless scale of new finishing possibilities.

The Prime Stains are available in the following colours:

  • Prime Stain Utah
  • Prime Stain Ohio
  • Prime Stain Nevada
  • Prime Stain Dakota
  • Prime Stain Montana
  • Prime Stain Idaho

After the initial treatment with one of the Floorservice Prime Stains, the floor needs to be polished prior to application of the top-coat. The treated surface can either be finished with one of our Floorservice Hardwax-oil colours or by our VOC-free Floorservice UV-Oil.

This combination of treatments ensures the most beautiful effects, especially highlighting the wood structure.

Colour effects

 Prime Stain Utah          Prime Stain Ohio      Prime Stain Nevada
 Prime Stain Dakota  Prime Stain Montana   Prime Stain Idaho

The colours displayed are examples of coloured Hardwax-oil on oak rustic. The look and feel and therefore the end results strongly depend on the type of wood, the sorting and the pretreatment of it. Because wood is a natural product, these colours may vary. We recommend you carry out a test beforehand, in order to determine the colour.

Additional product information available in the attached documents.