HTC 1500 iXT

This HTC 1500 iXT multi-talented drivable grinding-machine perfectly performs in both smaller and big projects. The grinding-setup is a combination of two 650 HDX grinding-units. The operating-width of the grinder is 1,4 meters. Big surfaces are grinded in record breaking times, resulting in time-savings for both operator and client.

The HTC 1500 iXT is a compact, easy to operate, quiet and ergonomically designed machine. ts four grinding-heads can be moved and tranported with ease.

The Mist Cooler System enhances the efficiency. By spraying a fine mist on the surface, the diamants are cooled and grinding of hard surfaces becomes more easy. The integrated vacuum-system ensures a healty working-environment. The machine perfectly fits the HTC Superfloor concept.

  • Motor: 2 x 11kW
  • Voltage: 400V, 63A (max.)
  • Weight: 530kg

Additional product information is available in the attached documents.