HTC Diamond Xpress Serie

Diamond Xpress is a grinding system for marble, terrazzo and other similar types of floors. Thanks to advanced diamond and composite technology, the system requires no water. This provides significant savings in personnel, equipment and management. By eliminating water, the grinding process can be completed in half the time. Moreover, the end result is improved thanks to a higher gloss.

With Diamond Xpress, you can reduce the number of steps in the grinding process and reduce or completely exclude chemicals. In combination with the Twister maintenance system, you can now create and maintain a brilliant shine, year after year, without a single drop of detergent.

It is simply easier to work without water. And that means the person doing the grinding doesn’t need as high a level of training and experience.

Thanks to Diamond Xpress's cost-saving process, contractors who would normally only work with concrete can now take on natural stone projects. That also means more customers can now afford professional renovation.

Advantages of Diamond Xpress Serie:

  • No slurry to deal with
  • Better work environment and minimized risk of falls
  • No wet-vac required
  • Faster processing
  • Easier to achieve perfect results
  • The impact is immediately visible
  • Higher gloss reduces chemical use
  • Suitable for a wide range of machine models
  • A simple and cost-effective way to expand your business

Additional product information is available in the attached documents.