For more than 30 years Overmat is the specialist when it comes to treatment, finishing, maintenance and cleaning of hard floors. Our special product range is the Floorservice Hardwax-oil for manual, professional and industrial finishes for wooden floors. And of course al the complementary maintenance and cleaning products.


By using Floorservice as your floor finish, its guaranteed against wear. The addition of silicid acid ensures a high grate of protection against moisture. It protects against staining, saliva and sweat. In addition; all Floorservice hardwax-oils are R9 certified for slip resistance.

Color Hardwax-oil

The Floorservice Color range offers a vast variety of options. Colors ranging from classic to trendy, from soft-white tones to traditional dark tones. These Color oils are suitable for all parquet and plankfloorings.

Color Hardwax-oil 2K

The Color Hardwax-oil 2K is available in 14 different colours. This 2 component oil is excellent to use on floors that has to be fully operational in no time.

Hardwax-oil 2K

Floorservice Hardwax-Oil 2K is a VOC-free finishing product that cures very fast; ensuring the floor to be fully operational in no time. For manual application.


Mechanical treatment of parquet and plankflooring creates extraordinary effects especially in combination with various primers such as the Floorservice Prime Old Grey. This products creates an aging effect which can be combined with any of the Floorservice Hardwax-oils, offering a limitless range of finishes.


Floorservice Hardwax-Oil Profiline is the product of choice for all industrial applications. Because of the usage of silicid acid, this solvent free product is highly moisture repellent. Its one-layer-system guarantees the highest protection against wear.


Cleaning of the drums and brushes on your machinery is highly important. A clean set ensures a perfect finish without irregularities. The Floorservice drumcleaner is the product of choice.

UV-hardening Industrial Oil

The popularity of oiled floors asks for faster production possibilities. UV-hardening oils  play an important role in this process. Therefore Floorservice now offers, besides our range of oxidative drying oils, a UV-hardening oil.


Making floorboards instantly stackable, packable and, if required, ready for follow up treatments like sanding or brushing. This makes it perfectly suited for automated production lines within the flooring industry.


Floorservice Hardwax-oils for outdoor application deeply penetrates the woodpores of all (tropical-)wood species. It therefore offers a high protection against moisture and is durt-repellent. New wood maintains its lively warm appearence. Older discoloured wood is brought back to its original state. Looking for oil to treat your outdoor-furniture? Use Floorservice Teak and Garden Furniture-oil.


Discoloured garden wood is brought back to its original lively warm state by use of the Floorservice de-greyer. It deeply cleanses the wood and removes the greyish layer. Suitable for garden furniture, terasses, fences and pergolas.

Water-Based Lacquers

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Solid-Based Lacquers

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By priming of wood, unique effects can be reached. Think for example of artificial aging of the wood. After this primer, finish your parquet or plankflooring by using one of the Floorservice (color) hardwax-oils for protection. It offers a wide range of creative and commercially attractive effects.


When it comes to finishes for a parquet or wooden floor the possibilites are numerous. Within the Floorservice Prime Design Line you will find special finishing products that create surprising results.

Oiled Floors

Floors originally treated with Hardwax-oils are best maintained by use of the Floorservice Maintenance oils. Despite the wood species or floor motif, the natural ingredients in the Floorservice products keep the floor in its original condition. The Floorservice Maintenance oils have proven themselves in over milions of square meters of flooring over the years.

Lacquered Floors

Lacquered flooring requires optimal maintenance and protection. Does it have to be a shiney finish or matt instead? Scratches and other damages have to be avoided when possible. The Floorservice products offer you the perfect choice.

PVC Floors

PVC floors are becoming more and more a trend when it comes to floor covering. These type of floors are very popular because of the easy maintenance, a wide range of colours and paterns and a high level of durability. That's why within the Floorservice product range you can find maintenance and cleaning products for PVC floors as well. 


For both lacquered and oiled flooring, cleaning with liquids is a necessity. Dispite the fact dry-cleaning is the prefered choice. Make sure to use the correct product for the job and not the standard household cleaners. Floorservice cleaning products are especially developed to meet your floors requirements.

Woodboy and Floorboy Machines

For every type of application and for every type of user, Overmat offers the machine that fits your requirements. Looking for a single-disc machine? We offer a wide variety. For example the user-friendly Floorboy with its excentric movements. Or the multi-usage Woodboy®!

Three-disc Machines

A three-disc machine offers a stable platform and therefore smooth sanding results. All with an easy-to-use machine. Next to its capabilities for sanding your wooden flooring, it can be used for floor preparation as well.


Need to sand those difficult to reach spots? An edge-grinder offers the solution. Perfect for sanding alongside skirting and underneath radiators. Where the standard is not an option, we offer you the specialties to get the job done.

Drum sanders

The Overmat belt sanders offer a high output. This is ensured by its powerful engine and robust construction. They are the ideal machines for professional sanding of parquet and plank-flooring.


When sanding, a good vacuumer is a must! Besides protection against the negative effects of dust on your health, it also ensures a clean working environment. Working dust-free is a must in todays standards!

Repex Machine

You will find a suitable machine for every application and user at Overmat Industries.
Are you looking for a sanding machine that can be used multifunctionally? Then you are in good hands with the Repex 4D Sander.


Did you know Pads are extremely important for both the (end-)result of your work as for the maintenance of your machinery? By making the wrong choice, your machine might get imbalanced. This results in a poor finish. Overmat offers you a range of high quality pads in various diameters and thicknesses. These all have their own specific use when it comes to cleaning, polishing and buffing.

Sanding belts

Overmat offers a sanding belt in one width (200 x 750mm).

Sanding discs

Sanding discs can fit many requirements. Ruffening of wood for example or the removal of adhesive residues from concrete or cement flooring. Overmat offers a wide range of sanding discs for both rotating and excentric machines.

Sanding material Wood HTC

Overmat presents the EZ Wood concept from HTC. This optimal combination of tools and HTC machines ensures a perfect sanding result. Ranging from removal of old lacquer- and oil-finishes upto leveling of your flooring. Either by using diamant tools or sanding discs.

Application products

Your finish, maintenance or treatment product has to be applied properly. Overmat offers a wide range of application materials. Rollers, telescopic-handles or specialty brushes to name a few.