A beautiful floor is in perfect condition. Floorservice offers you the maintenance products to keep it beautiful. These products restore your floor to its original new state, for you to enjoy for a long time.

Oiled Floors

Floors originally treated with Hardwax-oils are best maintained by use of the Floorservice Maintenance oils. Despite the wood species or floor motif, the natural ingredients in the Floorservice products keep the floor in its original condition. The Floorservice Maintenance oils have proven themselves in over milions of square meters of flooring over the years.

Lacquered Floors

Lacquered flooring requires optimal maintenance and protection. Does it have to be a shiney finish or matt instead? Scratches and other damages have to be avoided when possible. The Floorservice products offer you the perfect choice.

PVC Floors

PVC floors are becoming more and more a trend when it comes to floor covering. These type of floors are very popular because of the easy maintenance, a wide range of colours and paterns and a high level of durability. That's why within the Floorservice product range you can find maintenance and cleaning products for PVC floors as well.