Airtec Euro-Sprint 200, 1,85 kW

This multi-functional scarifying-machine is perfect for those medium-sized projects. The Euro-Sprint 200 is equiped with an unique working-depth adjustment. Its integrated dust-extraction system ensures a dust-free working environment. The machine is also available in a gasoline powered version.

The Euro-Sprint 200 is (a.o.) perfect for:

  • Scarifying
  • Levelling
  • Floor-preparation
  • Residue removal
  • Rust removal.

For the various types of surfaces you have your pick of a complete range of tools. The Airtec Euro-Sprint 200 is also available with a 2,2kW motor.

  • Motor: 1,85kW
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Weight: 53kg

Additional product information is available in the attached documents.