Twister™ Gray

Product description

Diamond floor pad for cleaning and burnishing

Nonwoven pad made from recycled PET impregnated with microscopic diamonds bound in resin. Diamond abrasive applied on one side of the pad. Thickness of the pad is approximately one inch. Shape and outer diameter varies.

Intended use

Twister™ is developed to be used for daily cleaning of coated and uncoated floors. Use only as intended.

Durability and limitations

Lifespan up to 60 000 m2 (optimal use).
Cleaning: 150-400 rpm.
Buffing (dry polishing): <3 500 rpm.

Pad color: grey. The diamond impregnation is colored.
Marking: All markings are on one side of the pad (opposite side to the diamond impregnations). The markings consist of ”Twister™” the color of the pad, the dimension in inches and “Machine Side”

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