Airtec Euro-Sprint 200, 1,85 kW

Product description

'This multi-functional scarifying-machine is perfect for those medium-sized projects. The Euro-Sprint 200 is equiped with an unique working-depth adjustment. Its integrated dust-extraction system ensures a dust-free working environment. Also available with 2.2 kW and 5.5 HP petrol engine.

Field of applications:

  • Roughening of concrete surfaces and asphalt.
  • Scabbling of concrete, asphalt, level differences, rubber deposits, plastic coatings and dirt crusts.
  • Removing of old coats of paint, thermoplastic material, hard tops, tennis courts and sports grounds.
  • Safety Grooving where it is Needed! Ramps, Barns, Walking Areas for People, Animals and Cars.
  • Erasing Traffic Lines, Paint Stripes.
  • Derusting of ship decks, tanks and containers.
  • Cleaning of industrial floors, ramps, driveways, parking areas and cleaning out Cracks and Joints.
  • Brushing Stone, Terrazzo, Tile Floors and Parquet.
  • Cutting of seams in concrete and wood (grooving).
  • Milling of asphalt surfaces.
  • Chipping off rolling skin and incrustations.
  • Renovation of flat roofs, terraces, wooden surfaces, ship decks and bridges.

For the various types of surfaces you have your pick of a complete range of tools. 

1,85 kW
230 V / 50 Hz, 16A
59 kg
Working Width
200 mm

Delivery content:
1 Drum ES-200-500-1
1 Set HMT-5.40 inc. spacers
Operating manual and spare parts list
Audit Log und Warranty Certificate

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